Submission guidelines

At Good Comics, we actively encourage new, distinct voices to submit pitches to us, so we can give fresh-faced creators a foot up in the world of comics publishing. We accept pitches from creators worldwide and we’re keen to develop and edit projects as a team, rather than taking on finished work.


Here’s a Q&A covering some of the basics of submitting a pitch to us:

What kind of comics are you looking for?

We highly recommend you look through what we’ve published so far so you can get a good idea of the things that make us tick. We’re looking for great stories - whether they’re autobiography, fiction, speculative, memoir, silent comics or other things. Our creators usually have a distinct art style and a unique voice that we’re able to nurture by bringing their work to a wider audience and helping to get their work into print. So, we’re open-minded. But what we aren’t looking for are superhero comics or that sort of thing. No shooty-fighty. We're currently only looking to publish work that's no longer than 50 pages.

How do you pay creators?

We cover the cost of printing the comic ourselves upfront. Once the cost of the print run has been paid off, any profits are split 50/50 between us and the creator. We believe this is a model that helps to develop creators and to nurture the comics community, as it means the creator doesn't have to pay for their own print run, which is often an obstacle to people getting their work into print. Our split of the profits all goes back into the work of Good Comics, whether this is paying for convention tables, distribution costs, or printing other comics.

What can I expect from publishing my work with Good Comics?

As creators ourselves, we’re committed to bringing fresh voices to the tables, and we’ll shout about the comics we love until we lose our voices. When you publish your work with us, we’ll set out a pre-launch schedule of interviews and previews, and your comics will be sold online, in shops and at conventions around the UK (once they’re running again in the post-COVID world). The UK small press comics scene is small and relies on a passion for the medium, and we run Good Comics alongside day jobs and raising families. It's worth bearing in mind that we cannot promise to make you a millionaire, but we can offer you fun conversation, baseball-related trivia, whale facts and puns instead.

Finally, are Q&As really all that useful?

We’d like to think so, but if you have any other questions we haven’t covered please get in touch with us on goodcomics(at)hotmail(dot)com. Please put the word ‘Submission’ in the subject line.

How should I pitch to you?

When sending us a pitch, we’d like to see at least a story outline and some sample pages, along with links to your website, social media and any relevant other work you’ve done. If you have a completed comic, we’ll consider it, but it’s not a requirement for the pitching stage - we’re happy to receive pitches for work that exists in draft form, as long as we can see what the final artwork will look like and how the story is structured. If you’re not sure about how to pitch, feel free to reach out to us and we’ll be happy to guide you.