Samuel C. Williams

Samuel C. Williams is a cartoonist, comics editor and co-founder of Good Comics. After starting out self-publishing with his as-yet-unfinished series All At Sea he released At War with Yourself ( Singing Dragon, 2016), a comic about his friend's experience with PTSD, as well as founding Good Comics with Paddy Johnston. More recently he has collected comics about his kids in the Good Zines title Daddy Day. He strongly believes Bartolo Colón is the GOAT.

Paddy Johnston

Paddy Johnston is a cartoonist, comics scholar and a co-founder of Good Comics, along with Samuel C. Williams. After some wilderness years of self-publishing rubbish comics, Paddy eventually met Sam and founded Good Comics, based on a shared desire to nurture new talent and contribute to the UK comics scene in a positive and unique way. Paddy has a PhD in Comics (yes, really) and works in communications for a major publisher as well as running Good Comics. He also co-hosts two podcasts, writes about baseball, and plays guitar in a pop band. Website

Rozi Hathaway

Rozi Hathaway is a Bournemouth-based cartoonist and illustrator, specialising in dream-like narratives, imagination and nature. Part of the Cartoon Museum's Inking Woman exhibition in 2017 and winner of the Broken Frontier Breakout Talent Award 2016, Rozi has self-published numerous comics including Njálla, Ø and Moon. In 2017 Good Comics published a collection of her short comics in Cosmos & Other Stories, and she has been a feature of the Dead Singers Society and Good Comics Reader anthologies since the beginning. Having worked unofficially with Good Comics for some time, Rozi was made an official member of the Good Comics team in 2018. She also enjoys critiquing watching baseball films and learning to skateboard. But not at the same time. Website

Josh Hicks

Josh Hicks is a cartoonist and illustrator from Cardiff, best known for his ongoing sci-fi/wrestling comic series Glorious Wrestling Alliance. Good Comics published his first collection Human Garbage in 2017, a book which collects a number of his works from previous anthologies alongside new stories, ranging from autobiography to speculative fiction to detective noir, always with Josh’s trademark humour. Josh is also in our 2021 anthology, the Good Comics Reader vol. 2 - available to buy now. Website

John Cei Douglas

John Cei Douglas is a London-based freelance illustrator whose comics have appeared in various UK anthologies alongside his self-published collections. He creates moving stories, sometimes autobiographical, about love, friendship and mental health. He appears in The Good Comics Reader. Website

Eleanor Crewes

Eleanor Crewes is an author, illustrator and graphic novelist who enjoys mixing autobiography into her graphic storytelling. Her debut graphic novel The Times I Knew I Was Gay was originally created in 2017 as a 2-part, handmade and self-published zine, which Eleanor would bike across London to various comic shops. As demand grew her zine developed into a larger book that she published in 2018 with Good Comics. After selling out the first edition, she expanded it into a fully-fledged memoir with Virago (UK) and Scribner (US) for publication in 2020. Eleanor lives in North London and is currently working on a middle grade graphic novel called Lilla, the Accidental Witch. Website

Elizabeth Querstret

Elizabeth is a london-based artist who creates beautifully designed comics, zines, prints and t-shirts, usually but not exclusively themed around the animal kingdom. As well as creating fun artworks and gifts, Elizabeth is also a brilliant autobiographical cartoonist, whose diary comics online and in print have been making us at Good Comics laugh and cry for many years. We published her moving travelogue New York: A Holiday to Remember in 2017 when we launched our Good Zines list. Elizabeth is also featured in Dead Singers Society Voume 2. Twitter Instagram Facebook

Faye Spencer

Faye Spencer is a multidisciplinary artist whose work spans performance art, film, comics and more. Faye is drawn to the irrational, the unclean, the unkempt, the kitsch, the ugly, the gaudy, the grotesque and the carnivalesque, all of which are present in her debut comic Tales from the Nonniverse #1, which was one of Good Comics’ first releases. She’s based in Preston and works as an artist and associate lecturer. Faye also appears in The Good Comics Reader and Dead Singers Society Volume 2. Website

Gareth A. Hopkins

Gareth A. Hopkins is an artist and illustrator from South-East England. He specialises in abstract comics, notably The Intercorstal: 683 and Found Forest Floor, and he's currently working on the short story collection Explosive Sweet Freezer Razors. His book Petrichor uses his intricate abstract style to interweave narratives of family, loss and the everyday, and was Good Comics’ first book of 2019. Gareth is also featured in Dead Singers Society Volume 4, and is also in our 2021 anthology, the Good Comics Reader vol. 2 - available to buy now. Website

James Howard

James Howard is a cartoonist and illustrator who is well-known in the UK small press and webcomics scene. His first book with Good Comics, the Chickenboy Zine (2016) collects a number of his full-page illustrations featuring his signature character, Chickenboy, and his nostalgia for optimism. James is also featured in all four volumes of Dead Singers Society, and did the cover art for Volume 2. Website

Jens K Styve

Jens K Styve is a Norwegian cartoonist, who creates darkly funny comics both in long and short form. Good Comics are the UK distributor for his ongoing self-published autobio strip Dunce. In Norway Dunce is published by Egmont, in France by 404 Éditions and in Italy by Green Moon Comics. Jens lives with his family and his dog (Brego) in Tromsø, far north of Norway. Website Twitter Instagram

Kristen Haas Curtis

Kristen Haas Curtis is an American cartoonist living in Switzerland. Much of her work is autobiographical, but she also creates fantasy comics and literary adaptations. Good Comics published Kristen’s dreamy silent comic Crushing in 2018, and are also the UK distributors for her book Princess Wolf and her Life of Darkness, co-written with her six-year-old daughter Bee. Kristen is also in our 2021 anthology, the Good Comics Reader vol. 2 - available to buy now. Website

Peter Wilkins

Peter Wilkins is a cartoonist and comics scholar from Vancouver, Canada. He devises and runs programs for at-risk and immigrant/refugee youth for the Training Group at Douglas College. He is an editor at The Comics Grid: Journal of Comics Scholarship. Peter is a uniquely expressive cartoonist whose work is largely autobiographical. Good Comics were honoured to be his first publisher when we put out 1982: The Year I Saw The Jam in 2017. The comic is a bittersweet chronicle of friendships, coming of age, and bad sound. His most recent book is I Know How This Ends (2020), a comic about a nurse whose mother has dementia, derived from interviews with Douglas College Health Sciences faculty. Peter is also in our 2021 anthology, the Good Comics Reader vol. 2 - available to buy now. Twitter

Olivia Sullivan

Olivia Sullivan is an artist and moving image designer specialising in alternative storytelling through graphic narratives, animation and installations. She focuses on drawing visual poetry and psychogeographic stories. Good Comics published Olivia’s first book SID in 2017. The book is part drug memoir, part exploration of the human brain, and is filled with deep meditations on religion and sin. Olivia is also in our 2021 anthology, the Good Comics Reader vol. 2 - available to buy now. Website

Robin William Scott

Robin is a cartoonist based in Manchester. His ongoing autobiographical comic Every Life I Ever Lived, which he posts regularly online, is a well-known and well-loved strip among the UK comics scene. Drawn in immaculate detail with a biro, Robin’s comics express the poetry of the everyday, and Good Comics were proud to publish the first collection of Every Life I Ever Lived in 2016. Robin also appears in The Good Comics Reader.

Sarah Crosby

Sarah Crosby is an illustrator and small press comics creator from Nottingham. Sarah’s touching and funny slice-of-life collection Stir Fry was one of the titles that launched our Good Zines list in 2017.

Ben Mitchell

Ben Mitchell is a cartoonist and freelance illustrator from beautiful Newcastle by the sea in New South Wales, Australia. Though occasionally working on smaller titles for comics anthologies around the world, he has produced several long-form titles in the Storm Clouds series over the past five years. His work spotlights and celebrates the feelings associated coastal Australian bohemia, and Good Comics help share this feeling with the world. Though he has only visited the UK once and met Paddy, Sam and Rozi one and a half times, he believes Good Comics to be his family and sees Great Britain as a second home. Ben lives in a 2 bedroom apartment in Newcastle West with a real estate agent named Jeremy, and the unspeakable burden of one day moving all of his books into a new home.

Olivia Hicks

Olivia Hicks is a creator, editor, and semi-scholar of comics. Her comics are queer, funny, and expressive as heck. As befits a student of comics history, she is a nasty freak for the materiality and aesthetics of old comics, and loves to explore analog textures in a digital environment. She sometimes collaborates with Emma Oosterhous on gay comics like Grand Slam Romance, available right here on the Good Comics website! When left to her own devices, she works on Sarararara, a webcomic about queerness, race, and classic Americana, the collected editions of which can also be found right here! Whizzo!! Olivia is also in our 2021 anthology, the Good Comics Reader vol. 2 - available to buy now. Website

Mohar Kalra

Mohar Kalra is a cartoonist and creative technologist based in New York. His work explores the poetry in the everyday, and Good Comics published his first graphic novel, Novelty in summer 2019. When he isn't making art, he likes yelling at Taxis from his bike. Website Instagram

Claire Spiller

Claire Spiller is an illustrator and comics creator from Bristol. Her work encompasses both fiction and non-fiction and is firmly planted within wildlife and the natural world, often raising awareness of environmental issues with a splash of fantasy. She self-published her first comic Lost Light in 2017 and is part of the female comics collective Wine & Zine. Her most recent comic RAZE, published by Good Comics in Spring 2020 (that time when the world broke for a bit), explores what happens when nature’s archaic gods witness the devastation our roads have had on wildlife. Claire is also in our 2021 anthology, the Good Comics Reader vol. 2 - available to buy now. Website

Niki Bañados

Niki has been drawing haphazardly since childhood, but finally decided to take it seriously when she won the Laydeez Do Comics prize with a short story about moving between places. She co-published the collected Grandmothers' Tales in 2019 alongside Maria Flower and Sophia Lu. She's also the creator of Return, one of our 2021 new releases, available in our shop now. In her billable time she does graphic design, and in her fun time she climbs. Website / Twitter / Instagram


Ramsey Hassan / RAMZEE is a writer, cartoonist, playwright and film geek based in London. He's been making comics since 2015 and was nominated for a British Comics Award in 2016. In 2021 we published his book LDN: a brilliant collection of stories, each set in a different corner of London - North, South, East, West and the City of London in the centre. Website

Natasha Natarajan

Natasha Natarajan (she/her) is a British-Indian visual artist funding an autobiographical comic strip and zine habit through Graphic/Web design, Illustration, Arts Administration, Education and a career that basically makes no sense on a CV. Natasha holds a BA in History and has worked in the arts in Copenhagen and Scotland. She has recently moved home to London where she is whole-heartedly winging it. Natasha is most interested in community arts and does a lot of projects with children. She is always open to new opportunities. We published her collected FML Comics in 2021, and it's rad. You can get it here. Website

Emre Altındag

Emre Altındağ (he/him) is a Turkish comics creator and painter. He is also doing a PhD which focuses on silent comics and their language. He likes to define himself as a silent storytelling enthusiast.

We published his silent comic Fishes May Come Back in early 2021, and you can get a copy here. Website / Instagram