Catching up with... Natasha Natarajan

Hi folks!

It's October already, and somehow it's been eight months since our latest collection of books were released to the world.

In the latest series of interviews we've caught up with our 2021 creators to see how they're getting on now their books are out, and what they're up to next. Our final interview is with Natasha Natarajan, who recently finished her exhibition and events schedule at the Cartoon Museum in London.

We first interviewed Natasha back in April, but sadly time got away from us. So here we have for you the THEN vs NOW. Natasha's thoughts and feelings post-release of her book, and how things are shaping up for her now.



Then: April 2021

Now: October 2021

Good Comics (GC): Following our conversation earlier this year, how have things changed for you?

I think we started writing this comic conversation about 6 months ago. I was excited about my exhibition at the Cartoon Museum and was letting the idea of a Masters brew in my mind. Both of those things came to fruition in the most wonderful way and strangely enough I will look back at 2021 fondly.

GC: How did you find the exhibition and events at the Cartoon Museum?

My experience at the Cartoon Museum was really fulfilling. I felt proud seeing my comics up in an institution like that and I thoroughly enjoyed working with the Cartoon Museum. They gave me a lot of freedom and facilitated my ideas enthusiastically. I hosted three in-person ‘Panel By Panel Discussion’ Events and a closing event with live music and short films. I think I did justice to my comics and the release of my book and now I feel free to focus on other areas of my life.

GC: What's next for you?

I have recently started an MA in Global Creative and Cultural Industries at SOAS. I am loving every minute of it and feel really positively challenged and nourished by being at University after eight years! In my first week I was very entertained by some of my introductory readings:

“Deploying an enfolding-unfolding analytical aesthetic cobbled from Deleuzian, Neoplatonist, and Shia philosophy.”

Anyway, I am interested in understanding the cultural industries better, supporting the livelihoods of artists and producing interdisciplinary events - or something like that...

I am still engaging with my comics. I’ll be tabling at Thought Bubble Festival (for the first time) this year, I am pitching my comics as a TV show and I am also excited about the idea of writing my dissertation in comic form - I was recently gifted Unflattening by Nick Sousanis and found it really inspiring. I have stopped posting on Instagram but I still have an active mailing list that you can sign up to through my website.


Thanks, Natasha! You can grab a copy of FML Comics from our online bookstore here, and find Natasha through her website and newsletter through the link above.