FML Comics online book party!

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

FML Comics book party Sunday 4th April 2021

3pm (BST)

Zoom details to be provided


Hey everyone!

Natasha Natarajan (FML Comics Collected) has announced that she's hosting an online book party - and you're all invited!

In a world where we can't actually have a physical launch (can you imagine? Being in a room with more than just the person/people you live with??), Natasha is hosting her very own book party to celebrate the release of FML Comics Collected 2016-2020. The launch is happening next Sunday, so if you can tear yourself away from the Easter Egg hunt around the house, you can join in the fun.

In preparation for the event, Natasha's set up a Padlet for anyone to take a look around and ask questions through post-it notes. She'll then answer those questions during the party. You can take explore the Padlet site here - and ask away!


There will also be a specially themed quiz with prizes! And who doesn't love prizes?

We'll be there too, so see you there!

- Rozi, Paddy & Sam