Good Fridays: DUNCE

Happy Friday, one and all!

Here at Good HQ we're thrilled to announce that we now have Jens K Styve's DUNCE 1-5 in stock online AND his self-contained story Cabin Fever!

Jens started DUNCE as a competition entry for Norway's Dagbladet newspaper back in 2016, and it ended up running daily for over three years before moving on.

As well as running daily in Norway, Jens has self-published his strips in English thanks to supporters on Pateron and Kickstarter. And, luckily for us, we can distribute the incredibly touching and funny stories in the UK.

Check out our store where you can pick up DUNCE or Cabin Fever for £8 each, or get the full Jens collection for £35. Perfect wet weather reading, and... -whispers- Christmas presents if you like to buy early.