Good Fridays: Elli... Welcome Home by Allan Bevan-Haines and Martyn B. Lorbiecki

¡Feliz viernes!

For this week's Good Friday we have a four-page preview of Elli... Welcome Home written by Allan Bevan-Haines with art by Martyn B. Lorbiecki.

Good Comics' own DH Rozi and this week's Good Fridays artist Martyn both studied at the same university in Northampton - though a year apart. As a fellow comics graduate, Martyn has gone on to create numerous comics, including DRIFT (2018) and The Ghost Butterfly (2017). He's also created illustrations for the National Autism Society. Allan is a life-long comics fan and Elli... is his debut into comics writing. Here's how he describes it:

Elli... centres around the adoption of an alien girl by a dock worker on a space station. Human children are handful enough, just wait until you meet Elli. If parenting an alien child wasn't enough, the station is pulsing with unrest as themes of race, immigration, politics and class come to the fore.

You can check out Allan's thoughts on Twitter, and see Martyn's work on both Twitter and Instagram. Be sure to follow them both and keep up with their progress. Enjoy!