Good Fridays: Father's Day Special

A forewarning from all of us at Good Comics:

We understand that Father's Day can be upsetting for some, and this blog covers the act of dadding in various comics. If you believe that you may find this subject matter difficult, we recommend maybe taking a pass on this one.

Otherwise, read on!


Happy Friday!

For this week's Good Friday we've decided to do a little bit of light reflection on the topic of Dads.

This Sunday 17th June is Father's Day around the world, and for the first time BOTH of the founders of Good Comics are dads on this day of celebration! Paddy welcomed his son into the world not so long ago, and Sam has been actively dadding for nearly a decade.

So, to celebrate, Paddy came up with a list of dad comics to recommend:

Jeffrey Brown - Kids Are Weird and A Matter of Life

Jeffrey Brown is now best known for his Star Wars comics, and while many of them are funny and enjoyable reflections on fatherhood, you’ve probably seen them. Before those, however, he did a little book called Kids Are Weird. It’s a fun and lighthearted depiction of the strange and hilarious things that kids do. A Matter of Life is a more serious graphic novel, one of his first in full colour, in which he depicts early parenthood and the philosophical questions it presents through memories of his childhood, his father and his new son. Brown was one of my earliest inspirations in comics, and I loved seeing his transition from scratchy black and white artist into competent, full colour master storyteller.

Image credit: Jeffrey Brown

Mike Dawson - Rules for Dating My Daughter

Dawson’s graphic novel isn’t actually a list of rules. The title is taken from a t-shirt he saw on a fellow American, which inspired him to post a comic on The Nib about raising his children in a country with complex and terrifying politics, especially around guns, and the kind of father he’d like be. It’s a thoughtful and emotional book that deals brilliantly with parenting and fatherhood.

Image credit: Mike Dawson

Guy Delisle - A User’s Guide to Neglectful Parenting

For a more light-hearted choice, Quebec artist Guy Delisle takes breaks from his travelogues to make hilarious parenting comics. Dry, witty and sardonic, Delisle’s comics are a fun portrait of a parent working from home and a celebration of the joys and frustrations of fatherhood.

Image credit: Guy Delisle

Samuel C. Williams - Daddy Day

Although it’s shamelessly self-promoting to drop a Good Comics title into the mix, it’s allowed when it’s me writing about one of the other members of the GC team, right? Daddy Day is one of the books I’m most proud to have published, as a friend to Sam and his kids but also objectively. It’s short and sweet, and portrays intimate moments of fatherhood with accessibility, humour and grace.

Image credit: Samuel C. Williams