Good Zines Submission Guidelines

Updated: Feb 1, 2019

Klaxon: We’re currently open to new pitches for Good Zines!

What’s more, we are actively encouraging new, distinct voices to submit pitches to us, so we can give fresh-faced creators a foot up in the world of comics publishing. We accept pitches from creators worldwide and we’re keen to develop and edit projects as a team, rather than taking on finished work.

Please read the following information carefully (there will be a test):

All of our zines have a set page-count of 24-36 pages. Sold online, in shops and at conventions around the UK. Good Zines are risograph printed in 1-2 colours (we can talk to you about preparing artwork if we pick up your project). All accepted submissions must be self-contained stories (no volume 1’s or part 1 of 3’s)


  • A5 size (148.5x210mm)

  • 24-36 pages

  • Risograph printed, up to 2 colours

  • Standalone stories

Looking to pitch something that doesn’t fit this spec? Check out our guidelines for Good Comics pitches here.


What kind of comics are you looking for?

If you look through what we’ve published so far you can get a good idea of the things that make us tick. We’re looking for great stories - whether they’re autobiography, fiction, speculative, memoir, silent comics or other things. Our creators usually have a distinct art style and a distinct voice that we’re able to nurture by bringing their work to a wider audience. So we’re open-minded. But what we aren’t looking for are superhero comics or that sort of thing. No shooty-fighty.

Do you pay creators?

We cover the cost of printing the comic ourselves up front. Once the cost of the print run has been paid off, any profits are split 50/50 between us and the creator. We believe this is a model that helps to develop creators and to nurture the comics community, as it means the creator doesn't have to pay for their own print run up front, which is often an obstacle to people getting their work into print.

Our split of the profits all goes back into the work of Good Comics, whether this is paying for convention tables, distribution costs, or printing other comics.

Why Riso?

Let’s face it: Riso is a pretty great format. And, to be honest, we just really like the look of it.

Riso is adaptable to most styles of artwork and it’s easy when you know how. Besides, we’re experienced and we know good ways to utilise riso to make the best out of our comics.

We have a long-standing, relationship with a printer (our bud Mike at Assembly Press) who we’ve worked with a bunch of times, and who makes an excellent homemade pizza. This relationship allows us to be more hands-on in the process of putting our zines together; on the floor, with a bonefolder and a baseball game on in the background.

Are Q&A’s useful?

We’d like to think so, but if you have any other questions we haven’t covered please get in touch.

If you are interested in pitching to us or you have any questions that are not addressed here please get in touch on goodcomics(at)hotmail(dot)com

Please put the word ‘Submission’ in the subject.