Grandmother's Tales - Sophia Luu

Good Saturday to you all!

We're here to soothe you into the weekend with the second instalment of Grandmother's Tales; How to make friends with (mostly) everyone by Sophia Luu.

We also have an interview with Sophia below, so sit back, enjoy her brilliant tales and find out more about what she's up to. Enjoy!

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Big question! I’m half Vietnamese, Half Irish/English and live in Croydon with my parents. I graduated with a degree in the History of Science last summer and decided I wanted to go off track and be a designer. Since then, I’ve set up a design studio which focuses on healthcare awareness and campaigning for social change. I entered Laydeez and got shortlisted in March for an autobiographic novel about child sex abuse. After that, I’ve been bitten by the comic book bug and have found drawing a really useful way to process my thoughts.

How long have you been making comics for?

Since January! Even though I’m new to the game, I’ve felt incredibly supported and welcomed by the community and am so happy to have created my own space with Maria and Niki.

Can you give us a little background on your story for this project?

When people think of stories, they usually think of lots of words. When I think of my Vietnamese grandma (my Bà), I think of the exact opposite – I think of the few words in English that she knew, and the events in her life which led her to learning them. My story is about communication in general, and who love speaks volumes more than letters. My first comic, Keep It In the Family, is known for the dark traumas it embraces, so with this project I wanted to prove I actually have a sense of humour!

What are you working on next?

Comic book wise – I’m looking at making a children’s book for mixed race children, looking at the history of the term and celebrating the many cultures which their identity embraces.

I’m also creating a card game to play at a workshop at the Wellcome Collection Reading Room later this year, inspired by medical legends of the past.