Interview: Olivia Sullivan

This week we're very excited to be bringing you an interview with Olivia Sullivan, creator of SID. We released SID in October 2017 at Bristol Comic & Zine Fair. Feels like yesterday! We spoke to Olivia about SID, her Japan residency, and what else she's been up to. Enjoy!

GC: It’s been nearly 2 years since SID came out - it’s scary how quickly the time has gone! Can you tell us a little bit about SID and how it came to be?

OS: That is scary, so much has changed since then! It was part of my first short story as a teenager, I was about 16/17 and felt very weird about life and fretted about the future. I wanted SID to relate to that age group in particular. I listened to a lot of Radiohead and Tool at that time and was into a lot of existential philosophy. So, I was obviously a bundle of joy to be around. Those years may be cringey, angsty and confusing, but I think it was a necessary period to go through! A university friend bought a copy of SID for her teenage cousin in the States who really enjoyed it, so I was super chuffed it was getting positive reactions from the right people.

GC: What was your process for creating SID? OS: I wrote an awful lot in notebooks, a lot of it was random poetry and borderline offensive stories. I edited it into a script of sorts and began thumbnails and line work from there. I inked in hand using brush pens and digitally coloured the panels. I wanted the feel of a damp exercise book at the bottom of your school bag with crude drawings on it. But, I also wanted the book to also have sincerity in regard to mental health issues and ‘impostor syndrome’. The process of sequential and abstract/nonsensical elements is to highlight these emotions, to emphasise the feeling of being lost and seeking enlightenment.