New Distro title! The Lockdown Chronicles by Ernesto Priego joins the Good Distribution Roster

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

We’re pleased to announce today that we have a new distro title in our shop: The Lockdown Chronicles by comics scholar Ernesto Priego, which is released on 1st November and is available to pre-order now. The first 15 pre-orders through our shop will receive a unique trading card handmade by Ernesto.

A note from Paddy: I’ve known Ernesto for some time through my work in comics scholarship, and he’s been doing interesting things with comics for a while. It’s really great for me to be able to help to distribute this book, which is a truly unique take on the pandemic and its ills, with an accessible format and a novel way to take a historical and literary perspective on the strange events of early 2020.

Ernesto will be hosting a virtual launch event on Tuesday 2nd November at 7pm GMT, bringing together a number of fellow comics scholars along with Paddy from Good Comics for a panel discussion on comics and quarantine along with a toast to the book. Tickets are free, but registration is required. You can register here.

Here’s some more info about the book, from the back cover:


Early in the Covid-19 pandemic, comics scholar Ernesto Priego instigated The Lockdown Chronicles, an empathetic yet hard-hitting graphic series that took scenes from the past and reappropriated them for our newly dark times. From Julian of Norwich to Richard Rolle, Priego sought to combine historical analogy with a popular graphic mode, to speak truths that others were unwilling to hear. The series combines a data-driven approach with dialogue, historical resonance, and dark comic juxtaposition. The commentary ranges from the subjects of gender disparity in pandemic outcomes (via Emmeline Pankhurst) through the tedium of isolation (thanks to Emily Dickinson), up to the refusal of governments to listen to science (in Arthur Conan Doyle).

This book brings together the first series of The Lockdown Chronicles in print for the first time, providing a real-life documentation of artmaking from inside the end times. If we were wise, we might pay attention to Priego’s messages; to listen to the voices from inside these graphic forms.

- Martin Paul Eve, Birkbeck, University of London