New distro titles (and Pod episode) from Australian creator Ben Mitchell!

Good Comics are stoked to announce that we are now stocking two more distribution titles, Storm Clouds: Collected edition and Ghost Beach by Australian creator Ben Mitchell!

We spoke to Ben about his method, his stories, and how New South Wales is a little bit like Bournemouth, but with more slam poetry. Check out the podcast episode below:

As mentioned in the podcast, here is Ben's hit-list (in a non-life-threatening sense) of Australian comics creators to check out:

AUSTRALIAN HIT LIST: Swimsuit, Rachel Ang / Bottled, Chris Gooch / Metcop Wonderland, Katie Marx + Mel Rowsel / The Grot, Pat Grant + Fionn McCabe / An Interior Life, Bill Hope.

Bonus mentions to Australian sweethearts Marc Pearson, Tatiana Davidson, Bruce Mutard, Georgina Chadderton and Frank Candiloro

Fionn also runs Read To Me, the live comics event Ben mentioned.

Open Heart, the comic about poetry, is available here.


You can purchase Storm Clouds: Collected and Ghost Beach individually for £12 each, or both for £20 (available on each listing via the drop-down option).

You can follow Ben on Twitter @childishbenbino, on Instagram @bennydevito and visit his website here.