New Title Announcement: Petrichor by Gareth A. Hopkins

We are super excited to announce our first new release of 2019!

Petrichor by Gareth A. Hopkins

The word ‘petrichor’ refers to the pleasant smell of rain falling on dry soil: a sensory experience that’s similar in its uniqueness to Gareth Hopkins’ comics. This book is an emotional journey, a meditation on love and family, and a moving examination of grief through abstraction. In his first book for Good Comics, Hopkins’ dazzlingly intricate art provides an expansive background for intertwining narratives of his work and children, always coming back to his refrain: ‘it’s easy to forget how many times you’ve fallen in love.’

"Petrichor is an enigmatic blend of abstract imagery and words that subtly sculpts a world beyond the filtered vision we are used to experiencing. Time and space melt, flow, disintegrate and reform as Gareth tells his deeply personal story. Melancholy, witty (this story features the most ingenious product placement I have ever seen) and occasionally laugh-out-loud funny, this is a celebration of love, an expression of grief and, in spite of the repeated assertion that “there are no new ideas”, it is profoundly, brilliantly original."

David Hine (Bulletproof Coffin, Lip Hook)

"It’s rare men’s introspection comics exhibit grace—Gareth’s does, and sings with love and gratitude."

Claire Napier (Editor of Bun&Tea, Finding Home, La Voz De M.A.Y.O Tata Rambo)

"With Petrichor, (Gareth A Hopkins) takes a step forwards to something new and different. Something altogether more intimate and idiosyncratic."

Tony Esmond (Awesome Comics Podcast, Down the Tubes)

You can Pre-order Petrichor now here!

84 Pages - A5 - Full Colour