New work in progress from Mohar Kalra

Hi everyone,

It's nearly Spring!

In celebration of the longer evenings, we have something new this week. Join us in looking (and admiring) new work from our very own Good Comics alumnus Mohar Kalra, creator of our 2019 release Novelty.

We last spoke to Mohar in the throes of the pandemic in July 2020 about what he was up to, and how he's approached creating new work since the release of Novelty. Since then, he's continued working away as always!

"Since Novelty, I only really worked on one big project, Close Up, which I finished up in the first summer of the pandemic. Since then, a lot of comics work has been a bit slow since I feel a lot of my stories arise when I feel I am living a narrative as well, and the pandemic sort of paused everything and there wasn't much of a narrative to be living", Mohar explains. "However now, with my current project, I want to lean into that a bit. For a month or two in spring of 2021, I remember feeling very calm because I felt I wasn't living a narrative and that my actions in the present didn't need to add up to any grander narrative of self (or relate to my past or future). And that felt like a relief in some ways and it's a feeling I want to interrogate more. So this comic, which I'm still figuring the plot out for as I draw it, is trying to simulate that instinct to resist narrative - to resist creating wholes out of parts and just dwell on the parts as parts (whether it is in a park where the comic takes place or in the life of the protagonist who is an unnamed park worker)."

Recently, Mohar was invited to Riga, Latvia with kuš! comics.

"I really enjoyed Riga! It's a city perfectly made for winters I feel, because it's big and melancholic and the buildings look like they're crying at night. It's the kind of city that still has backroom bars and cafes behind unmarked doors where people come together to stave away the cold during the winter", Mohar tells us. "I got to visit David from kuš! (who was lovely) and do a reading of my comic Close Up at a comics reading event he hosted. Through the event, I got to meet a nice group of cartoonists and artists in Riga, and generally get a better sense of the art community in Riga."

And as for his electronic and engineering skills? "In the electronic realm I've been working on a couple of things but the project that's furthest along is an installation/performance based around several robot spiders that engage in an ecosystem with your laptop. I'm really interested in exploring the sorts of cultural fear and paranoia that I, and others in the west, tend to have towards pests in the home. I want to see if I can challenge those perceptions and their underlying anthropocentrism by forcing other non-human perspectives into our "digital homes" (i.e our laptops) which are designed to be entirely anthropocentric." Mind blown, as always.


If you'd like to follow what Mohar's up to you can check him out on Instagram @mohar.kalra or check out his website.

And Novelty is still available from our Good Shop! If you haven't had a chance to read it yet, it's really excellent and one of my (Rozi) understated favourites. For the next two weeks, until Friday 15th April, you can grab Novelty for 15%.