Our 2021 releases are nearly upon us!

Greetings all!

How late is too late to say 'happy new year'? Is anyone accepting it as a happy new year with the current lockdown/pandemic situation? Does any of this matter? Who knows.

IN BRIGHTER NEWS, we're so so so close to releasing our new set of books, fully funded through last year's Good Comics Kickstarter campaign. We’re at the very final stages of proofing and finalising the print files for the books. and we’re expecting to finish everything with our printer (the lovely Rich at Comic Printing UK) this week.

After that, it’ll be a couple of weeks at least before we start sending them out to our Kickstarter backers. We'll also look at getting pre-orders up on our site for anyone who missed our first time, so watch this space!

We're also excited to start sharing artwork from our books, and first up is the beautiful Return by Niki Bañados:

Niki Bañados (she/her) is a comics creator and designer based in Sydney, Australia. She won the Laydeez do Comics Award in 2019 for her autobiographical comic Shivers in London, and since went on to co-publish the collected Grandmothers' Tales in 2019 alongside Maria Flower and Sophia Lu. In her fun time, she climbs.

Detailing Niki's experience of moving back to Australia, Return looks at the struggles of relocation, the power of nature, and the near-constant feeling of falling apart and rebuilding ourselves. She also made a sweet A4 print for the Kickstarter:

Hand model: Sam

I am so excited for you all to see how beautiful Return is. You're truly in for a treat.

And finally, here’s an update on our sweet, sweet Kickstarter swag: the Good Comics pin badges are here! You can see one below being modelled by Good Comics’ resident pooch, Boo. She loves their shiny beauty and we know you will too.

Until next time!

- Rozi

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