Eta Carinae is the collected and expanded silent, weekly comics Rozi made between April-June 2020, shared online through Instagram and her website.

What began as drawing in lockdown, these weekly comics became a story in their own right, and in the latter part of 2020 she began to expand these to become a fully silent story.

As for the name? Eta Carinae is a real eruptive, variable star around 7,500 light-years away. In the 1800's it underwent a massive outburst, releasing almost as much energy as a supernova. Yet, it survived, and continues to emit light more than five times that of the sun.

"The quietness of this comic and its gentle rhythm remind us that the soft moments that make up our lives can be, upon reflection, an opportunity to connect to the essential silence and patterns of the cosmos. Rozi Hathaway has again opened my heart to the eternal."
-- Daniel Elkin, Editor-in-Chief SOLRAD

28 pages, A5 stapled

Eta Carinae by Rozi Hathaway