We are happy to be distributing a limited number of Grandmothers' Tales, a comics anthology featuring work from Niki Bañados, Maria Fowler and Sophia Luu. We'll let Niki explain more...


Grandmothers’ Tales came about when I was trawling through old files, and found some recorded videos of my grandmother telling me stories of World War 2 in the Philippines, which I remember being very captivated with as a child because the entire notion of it was so extreme, and the details so gory. As an adult I see it now in its socio-political and historical context, which is a lot more sobering.

I thought about how I used to talk to my grandparents more as a child, but how time and distance has changed this, and about how much learning I could be missing, and how many stories there are that I don’t know about.


This project aims to get more people talking to their grandmothers. We hope to find more true stories, to start more conversations, and to use comics to share them. If anyone knows that their grandma wants to tell the world a story (you don’t have to be an artist), get in touch!


- Niki Bañados


Black and White - A5 Landscape - 24 pages

Grandmothers Tales (Anthology)