Novelty is the debut comic book from New York comic artist Mohar Kalra.

Novelty is a book of journeys, long and short: across New York from Manhattan to Coney Island, through therapy, and most importantly through two different manifestations of the mind. It tells the story of Allen, a young man who is sometimes himself, and sometimes a blank figure, a stark humanoid whose expressive rendering on the page is a reminder of the disconnect between the body and the mind. Allen attempts to follow his therapist’s advice and to ‘be in the moment’ with varying degrees of success, and eventually finds peace with himself and learns what it means to
be fulfilled. Mohar Kalra’s flowing, Eisner-esque linework makes for an accessible and surprisingly uplifting story, in which we can all see ourselves and our sense of self.


UK Pre-orders should arrive on or before 05/07/2019

US Pre-orders should arrive on or before 12/07/2019


A5 - 68 Pages - Pefect Bound

Novelty by Mohar Kalra