Sarararara: All American Girl is the first chapter of Olivia Hicks’ goopy webcomic debut, a biting pastiche of 1950s Americana with lashings of queer teen mayhem.


That’s right, it’s Sarararara, all-American girl! Guys wanna date her, and gals wanna date her too, for that matter! She’s just your average teenager, out on the prowl and looking for someone to suck into her gooey cocoon!


She’s a laugh-a-minute yee-haw mama, filled with plenty of pep and goop! Once you see her two rows of teeth, you’ll agree, wow-ee and how, she really is a barrel of fun, all the way from Wisconsin and definitely not here to probe our jocks!


Praise for Sarararara chapter 1:

“Sarararara is a quiet, affectionate and witty subversion of period comics fun tinged with elements of horror and social commentary.” - Broken Frontier

“... the major appeal of the comics is the way Olivia Hicks draws, and more importantly presents, the strip: a rough pencil style, meant to evoke home-made zines, but showcased as if torn from a notebook, giving extra kick to the DIY vibe.” – Sequart Organisation


40 pages, A5, stapled.


Also available as a bundle with Chapter 2.

Sarararara Chapter 1: All-American Girl by Olivia Hicks