Stealing Home: Rookie Season collects the first year of Paddy Johnston’s warm, heartfelt and deep personal essays about baseball, fan stories, and why we find meaning in sports.


With illustrations by Samuel C. Williams and Rozi Hathaway bringing each essay to life, Stealing Home deals with childhood trauma, choosing who to root for, dealing with player trades, growing up, body image, confidence, mental health, and the meaning that sports give to our lives.


Johnston was inspired to start his Stealing Home email newsletter because he had a story to tell: the story of how he went from a total sports-hater to a passionate baseball fan, and how this journey transformed him as a person, for the better. It’s a journey we can all go on, and that many of us will have been on ourselves, and that we’re all still going on every day. Rookie Season is just the first of many to come, and a book that shares a deeply personal and moving journey through the comfort and solace of sports.


This book collects all of 2019’s Stealing Home email essays, along with a number of exclusive essays and comics.


130+ pages - Perfect Bound

Stealing Home: Rookie Season